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Rocky first week

posted Jan 26, 2010, 12:29 PM by Thanh Nguyen
This term is the official first term I am at Queens. So I have to transfer my course last Fall here back to UVic and get a degree completion letter to register. I found out that UVic Grad Record has not received it last week.  There was a lot of admission documents so they couldn't find my transcript. So I panic and call them several times. No one answer me at all. Turns out the person who supposed to take of my file was away. So now she is trying to find the transcript. I can't really do anything. If it is not done before Friday, I won't be able to take course or work here at Queens. :-( I can't really do research and study like this. Why everything have to be so complicated?

Also, because I am now an official student at Queens, I have to officially move to Ontario. Moving from one province of Canada to another is harder than moving to another country. I have to switch study permit, health insurance, car registration, car insurance... it's just nuts.