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Half way through the second term

posted Mar 10, 2010, 8:35 PM by Thanh Nguyen
The term so far has been busy as expected. I had two classes (semantics and fuzzy logic) and two projects from last term to report. I was hoping the courses are less demanding than the three last term and writing up for the two projects from last term won't take much time. But work expands as time does so I am still very busy. The two theory courses are pretty interesting though. I also auditing a stats course so I've been learning more about statistics. Feel like I need to retake some serious 2nd year stats course again though. Maybe next term.

My application for PR was approved! So after living in Canada for the last nine years, I finally got to stay! No more visa, SIN card, or care card to renew. Also, no b*s*t with the university. I've been feeling like a cash cow at Queens.