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Crazy second week

posted Jan 29, 2010, 4:31 PM by Thanh Nguyen
After getting panic about the registration deadline at Queens, I called UVic Graduate Studies and Department of Computer Science several time last week. Finally got responses on Monday. They couldn't find my transcript until Tuesday. I though that I would made the deadline. But I got a phone call from Graduate Studies said that my transcript did not show my grade. Turned out that, at Queens, there is a date when the grades get released which is Jan 8 for me. I asked the person at Graduate Studies here at Queens on Jan 07 if I should order the transcript. She said yes!

So I got more panic. I was so stressed, the -18C didn't bother me at all. So on Wednesday, I went and got a replacement transcript first thing in the morning. I couriered it overnight to Victoria. By morning on Thursday, UPS tracking said it won't be there on time. I got more panic because, if it get there on Friday, there will be only four hours of overlapping time because when Victoria starts, it is noon here already. I started thinking about packing and finding jobs... But thanks to some miracle, UPS actually delivered it by noon on Thursday. The clerk there processed it in the afternoon and faxed it. I finally got admitted to Queens on Friday morning, the deadline day. Phew... I was so relieve.

It was a crazy week. But thanks to very helpful staff at UVic's CSC and Graduate Record, it is over. I don't have to deal with this for another four years! Now, back to projects and papers....