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Today I witnessed a revolution!

It is election day today in Canada. I have an abstract due at 5AM but I can't stop myself from following the election. The Conservative won again but the NDP became the opposition party for the first time in history. The Liberal lost most of there seats. The Green won their first seat. The Bloc vanished.  Among the midst of speeches from the parties and the discussions from media, I realized that I was watching a revolution.

Those who grew up in a democracy would think that I am stupid to say that. But those who grew up in my backward old country would understand. When we were at school, we were taught that our history is the history of revolutions. It is a constants struggle against the imperialists and the colonial powers. We rose against the imperials and the colonial masters. These struggles are bloody but they are necessities. Struggles brought us our independence, our democracy, and our freedom. Thus we should bring upon us the struggle for the future.

I cannot believe that I actually believed those words; for today I witnessed a revolution that is not only bloodless but also brought dignity for everyone in the struggle. The winning party know that they were chosen by the people. The loosing party knows that they can try again in four years. The people knows that they have made a decision and they can do it again. It sounds very simple for a Canadian for they born into a democracy. For me, it was spectacle.